Organized Industrial Zone planned for geothermal greenhouses in Tuzla - Gülpinar area

Çanakkale, Turkey

30 July 2021

view of geothermal power plants and Tuzla dome

Following the regional growth in geothermal energy projects in the Çanakkale region, an organized industrial zone (OSB) is planned be established in order to produce and process the agricultural products typical to the region, especially the famous “Çanakkale tomato” with a unique taste and intense color and smell, in greenhouses to be heated with geothermal energy. It is anticipated that around 2,600 people will be employed in the OSB, with an investment of 750 million liras planned at the first stage.

The project prepared by the Çanakkale Governorship, Special Provincial Administration, Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chamber of Agriculture, Commodity Exchange and Ayvacık District Governorship and Municipality are aiming for the OSB to be established on an area of ​​approximately 3 thousand decares nearby the Tuzla and Gülpınar villages of Ayvacık district. It is also supported by the Department of Agriculture-Based Specialized Organized Industrial Zone (TDIOSB) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

In the OSB, there will be greenhouse operations, irrigation, fertilization, automation and disinfection areas, and in the industrial area, product sorting, packaging and packaging facilities, cold storage, liquid carbon dioxide and dry ice production facilities, product processing and drying facilities will take place. OSB is planned to be completed in about 2 years.